Smart Sourcing

Launch your MVP quickly

Custom Development

Dev Outsourcing

By outsourcing development, testing, documentation, and infrastructure management, product owners can concentrate on delivering high-impact solutions and creatively meeting time-to-market goals. Polywick Studio develops apps using:

  • C++ Builder & Delphi

  • QT, DevMachines

  • NET (C#, ASP.NET, WPF, WinForms)

  • Java, Vaadin, Spring Boot

  • C++ MFC, WxWidgets (CodeJock, BCGSoft)

Custom Development Services

Polywick offers a full range of application development services to meet your needs. Our expertise includes new app development, modernizing legacy systems, integrating apps,

migrating platforms, and upgrading apps.


We build custom web, mobile, along with documentation and testing from scratch tailored to your requirements using latest



We upgrade legacy systems by re-wiring apps using newer platforms, languages and frameworks.


We seamlessly integrate systems and apps using different APls and data integration platforms.

Philippines have some of the most highly skilled software developers in South-East Asia

Polywick Studio leverages top talents in the Philippines to build high quality applications, at a fraction of costs, compared to, say, Singapore, US or Europe.

Expert Coders

Filipino developers are known for their excellent coding skills across many platforms and languages.

Cost Savings

Labor costs in the Philippines are

lower than in Western countries,

leading to cost savings.

Excellent Support

With little time zone difference,

Filipino developers can provide

same timezone support to

Australia, New Zealand and


Why Choose Polywick Studio?

Benefits so good, you'll never need to go anywhere else for development.

Excellence Endures

Get well designed UI, code, devops with unit testing.

Well designed means lower mainteance costs, bug-free user-operations. Things you'll notice.

Make your MVP come true.

Unique and all yours

Every development project is crafted exclusively for you. The product is entirely your's

1 & 1 communications

We maintain open commications with you throughout the entire project.

Manage using Click-up or Mondays.

We offer a variety of engagement models to fit your project needs

Dedicated Teams

We build custom web, mobile,

documentation and testing from

scratch tailored to your

requirements using latest


Staff Augmentation

If your project isn't clearly

defined, staff augmentation is a

great choice. We provide talented professionals to complement your existing team.


For part-time or full-time work,

outsourcing is a great option.

This is perfect for maintenance

contracts or updates where a

full-time commitment isn't


Let us know which engagement model works best for your
project, and we'll get to work!

Polywick Studio provides affordable,

efficient, quality app development

services for global companies.

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